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We welcome inquiries from camping grounds & holiday resorts.

Ground fires in your campground or holiday park leave rocks, rubbish, ash and damage to the grassed areas. 

Not all campers like their fire in the same spot to the previous guests and they will move the existing fire, or create a new one to suit their set up.  Some sites can end up with several ground fires leaving it messy and in need of regeneration.

Ground fires that have not been properly extinguished are extremely dangerous. 

Hot embers, can cause extensive damage to people and property who walk or drive over an old ground fire.

The solution is the Flatout Fire Pit.

Our fire pit models are raised up off the ground 200mm to comply with QLD National Park guidelines,

which limits damage to the ground where the fire pit is used.

As an added bonus, your guests can cook their dinner on the fire pit making it an attractive hire option.

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Storage is easy with the flat pack design and included canvas bag to keep it all together

Guests can place the Flatout Fire Pit where ever they like on the site, no more moving rocks around, 

or multiple ground fires per site.

Fire is contained in the fire box - less mess to clean up for guests.

Ash and remaining embers can easily be emptied into a metal drum or barrel for safe disposal.

Interested in finding out more information?

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Flatout fire pit PITQ600 with rotisserie and roast pork cooking over hot charcoal and fire
Flatout Fire Pit log
Flatout fire pit PITQ600 with large hotplate and sausages, eggs and bacon cooking over fire
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