Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of the Flatout Fire Pit?

The LARGE Flatout Fire Pit measures; Length - 67cm Width - 50cm Height - 56cm (to top of rotisserie mounts) The MINI Flatout Fire Pit measures; Length - 40cm Width - 46cm Height - 50cm

What is a Flatout Fire Pit made from?

LARGE = 4mm Australian Mild Steel. MINI = 3mm Australian Mild Steel. Both and are designed and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

How much does a Flatout Fire Pit weigh?

LARGE - 35 kgs. MINI - 16.5 kgs. Always lift to your capabilities - If you feel either pack is too heavy for you to carry in one bag, additional bags can be purchased in our SHOP to spread the weight over 2 bags.

Can I design my own end plate picture?

Yes! We love seeing custom designs on our Flatout Fire Pits. You can add your business logo, a design of our own, your cattle brand, property name or your own name to one end of the fire pit. All custom designs are priced between $75.00 - $150.00 as our engineer will asses the complexity or the design and will quote on an individual basis. Please note that we do not do football team logos, or any logos with a copyright.

How long does it take to get my Flatout Fire Pit after I order it?

If the design you want is in stock, we will contact you within 24 hours to arange a pick up time. If the design is out of stock, delivery will take approximatley 2 weeks from your order date. You will be sent an Order Confirmation with payment instructions or a receipt for your pament if made online. If you need your order before a certain time, please include this information in the details section on your order & we will do our best to have it by the time you need it.

How do I take care of my Flatout Fire Pit?

Flatout Fire Pits are best stored in a dry, sheltered possition such as a shed or garage. Leaving them set up in a back yard or at a camp site for prolonged periods of time will affect the life of the product. We roccomend a light cooking grade oil lightly applied to all surfaces of your pit as this will help to stop the surface rust forming on the Mild Steel. You will receive a comprehesive owners manual which outlines the safety procedures and maintenance to best care for your Flatout Fire Pit at the time of purchase.

Where can I use my Flatout Fire Pit?

Flatout Fire Pits must always be used outdoors in an open space, away from over hanging trees, awnings or patios and bushes. Many Caravan & Camping grounds prefer raised fire pits as they contain the ash and cause less damage to grassed areas. Pease always check with park owners, rangers & local fire bans and regulations before using your Flatout Fire Pit to ensure they are allowed in the location you intend on using it. Always follow all rules and regulations surrounding fire bans in the area.

Where do I buy the Rotisserie accessories from?

We sell Rotisseries, Temperature Probes, and Cast Iron Grill Plates at Camping Expos. They can be ordered through us if you would like them included in your kit at other times - please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery as they are regularly on back order with our supplier.

What are the Kettle Racks for?

The kettle racks provide a surface for you to place your camp kettle over the fire without blocking the airflow or taking up half of your hot plate space. They have 2 height settings depending on how much fire you have in the box. These racks can also be used for campovens to control the heat of the campoven without moving coals or logs around in the fire box.

Where is the Vegetable Oven?

The vegetable oven is located under the fire box and above the ground heat deflector plate. Ash and coals will fall through the holes in the fire box, so anything placed in the vegetable oven needs to be covered with Aluminium Foil.

Can I see a Flatout Fire Pit before I buy one?

Yes, If you are local to the Sunshine Coast, ou can view one of our fire pits at shop 1/106, Chaplin place, Sugar Road, Maroochydore. All times are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY so please give us a call to make sure we are there & have stock on hand to show you. 0491 728 531. You will also find us at most South East QLD Caravan, Camping, 4WD & Fishing Expos - you can follow us on Facebook to see which show we will be at next.

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