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Kettle / Camp Oven Racks

All Flatout Fire Pit models have 2 kettle or camp oven racks included.  This means you can boil your camp kettle or cook using a camp oven & it allows air flow to keep your fire hot. 

Raised Fire Box

Our fire box is raised up off the ground to limit ground damage when using.  QLD National Park guidelines require the firebox to be raised a minimum of 200mm from the ground.

PITQ300 - 100mm off the ground

PITQ450 - 200mm off the ground

PITQ600 - 200mm off the ground

Wide Based Fire Box

This feature is important for cooking because you want to be able to control your heat source.  The wide base allows you to move your coals around and cook with indirect heat.  This is important as it helps avoid cooking the outside of your food faster than the inside.
It also means your fire burns hot & clean as it has plenty of ventilation and a solid base for you to build you fire.

Coals & ashes are held inside the fire box to ensure a solid base for cooking is created. 

For this reason, no additional ash try is required.

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Vegetable Oven
On our PITQ600 Flatout Fire Pit, we've added a heat deflector plate to give you a space which is the perfect
spot to cook your veggies, roast your potatoes or even heat an apple pie! 


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Rotisserie Mounts
Our Flatout Fire Pits come with mounts for an optional rotisserie, no extra pieces to carry with you or add on, 
simply attach your rotisserie kit to the mounts and you are ready to cook! 

We sell battery powered rotisserie kits as an optional extra.


With raised fire pits, you are not locked into having a fire in the same spot as the rock stacks from previous campers.  Simply pick up your cold Flatout Fire Pit and move it around your campsite or backyard with ease.

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BBQ Hotplate

Standard on our all our fire pit models, the hot plate gives you room for large breakfast cook ups.  


Handy tabs keep the hot plate locked in place and we have added in an oil drain hole and a fold to ensure no sausages are lost into the fire.

Easy to assemble Flat Pack design
All Flatout Fire Pits pack up flat (approx. 24mm thick) to save you space!
Below is a handy video for assembly of our PITQ600 Flatout Fire Pit
The PITQ300 & PITQ450 is the same procedure, without the base deflector

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